Just Film Premieres reach all-time high!

Youth and Children's Film Festival Just Film has raised the stakes by presenting over half times more premieres compared to past years.

This surge in premieres underscores the festival's commitment to offering audiences an exceptional showcase of fresh and compelling cinematic experiences specifically curated for the youth and children's audience.

A staggering 52 feature films are poised to grace the festival's screen. Amongst these, an astounding 11 feature films are set to make their premieres, marking a significant milestone in the festival's evolution.

Take a look at the films which will have their premiere at this year’s Just Film:

World premiere - “Hada”, Alex Mañas (Spain)
World premiere - “Horia”, Ana Maria Comanescu (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia)
World premiere - “No Way Home”, Yousaf Ali Khan (UK)
World premiere - “Silver”, Helena Hufnagel (Germany)
World premiere - “Skunk”, Koen Mortier (Netherlands)
World premiere - “Sweet Sorrow”, Kosta Djordjević (Serbia, Croatia)
International premiere - “Bonus Track”, Julia Jackman (UK)
International premiere - “The Flying Classroom”, Carolina Hellsgård (Germany)
International premiere - “Under the Naked Sky”, Lilian Sijbesma (Netherlands, Belgium)
International premiere - “Stars”, Anna Spacio (Switzerland)
International premiere - “Light Light Light”, Inari Niemi (Finland)

Just Film is all set to raise the curtain on a spectacular lineup, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats, eager to dive into the exciting world of premieres. Stay tuned for an exhilarating cinematic ride, soon we will reveal international competition programmes, promising an unforgettable experience for the young and young at heart.