Just Film Festival
Final festival week and screenings with filmmakers

Final festival week and screenings with filmmakers

Every year we invite filmmakers to the festival, who will **discuss the questions arising from the films **at the end of their screenings. This is an important moment for both parties, as it gives the viewer the opportunity to have a more personal experience and the filmmaker the opportunity to analyse and reflect on the work that has been done. We are delighted that this year the question-and-answer minutes at the end of the films have been very personal and in-depth, but also funny and heart-warming.

The last week of the festival gives a chance to see more and experience more. And we all have the opportunity to take part in these special moments in the following days:

Night Forest - 23.11 Katrin Milhahn - Co-Director, Norman Bernien - Producer

The Tenant - 23.11 ja 24.11 Sushrut Jain - Director

The Parent - 23.11 Vlad Furman - Director, Nelly Popova - Director, Dimitry Nikitin - Producer, Maria Litvinenko - Producer

The Swimmer - 23.11 Adam Kalderon - Director, Roy Efrat Casting Director, Mika Kalderon - Producer, Na'ama Pyritz - Producer

Dealer - 24.11 Ben Segers - Lead Actor

Tree of Eternal Love - 24.11 Meel Paliale - Director/Screenwriter, Urmet Piiling - Screenwriter/Actor, Markus Mikk - Cinematographer, Arvid Tampuu - Line Producer,

Playground - 25.11 Laura Wandel - Director