The winners of Just Film 2022

Just Film 2022 winning films:

Just Film Grand Prix for the Best Youth Film of this year

Jury: Lotte Bronshoff, Jaak Kilmi, Alasdair Satchel

For the very first time in Just Film history the Grand Prix winner was given a 3000 € award!

Six Weeks
Hat hét

R: Noémi Veronika Szakonyi
Hungary 2022

Jury's comment: "6 Weeks uses a very precise approach in the telling of its story, where all the details of the action on and off screen are at the service of the story. All the surprising choices the central character makes are totally organic to both the character and the story. Using this carefully woven approach to storytelling it quickly gets into the head of the viewer and makes you anticipate the character's next choices, constantly keeping you guessing at what's to come. At the core of the film are two elements which drive it continuously forwards, the extraordinary, multifaceted performance of Katalin Román in the central role of Zsófi, partnered with Noémi Veronika Szakonyi's extraordinarily empathetic approach to direction. The film is structured to lead up to the key question of how the central character will deal with the six weeks in Hungary where a birth parent has the right to take their child back from adoptive parents, should they find themselves compelled to do so. This bold storytelling choice leads to the development of a most insightful drama. Another element that we thoroughly enjoyed exploring with the film was the question of how and when the character would be able to return to her sport, which posed greater questions around who was making the rules for her situation, reflecting a greater question of society. 6 weeks places it's young audience at the center of its attention and speaks to them in a voice that they can accept as their own.
It is for all of the above reasons that we award 6 Weeks the Just Film prize.”

Separately, the international jury highlighted:

Summer to Come
Jövő nyár

R: György Mór Kárpáti
Hungary 2022

Jury's comment: "It speaks to its audience with sincerity, skilfully opening a dialogue on a very difficult topic. It does this through the use of an experimental approach, which seduces its audience into following the story with great skill and care. "

ECFA Award for the Best European Children's Film

Jury: Margreet Cornelius, Nicola Jones, Leo Pekkala

How I Learned to Fly
Leto kada sam učila da letim

R: Radivoje Andrić
Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia 2022

Jury's comment: “The ECFA award goes to a beautifully crafted contemporary coming-of-age film with many layers. Coming-of-age stories are often about first love and friendship, but this film also depicts the effects of war on a once-close family. A family full of familiar characters, but whose lives are changed by loss during summer vacation. The story is based on a novel, but it is undoubtedly pure cinema. Humorous dialogue combined with beautiful settings, excellent camerawork and editing made us feel like we were 12 years old on summer vacation too."

Just Film's Youth Jury Award for the Best Youth Film

Jury: Adrian Abner, Liisa-Lotta Jürgenson, Maibritt Kilu, Emili Roots


R: Maori Zaguri
Israel 2022

Jury's comment: "We chose this film because of the filmmakers' bold decision to open up to difficult topics such as the connection of sexuality and death. It really makes you watch with your heart.”

Special Youth Jury Award:

12 Dares

12 Bragder
R: Izer Aliu
Sweden, Norway 2022

Jury's comment: "Special award for an amazingly exciting story and a truly unique editing."

Just Film's Children's Jury Award for the Best Children's Film

Jury: Armand Gudmundur Mets, Luukas Taoubi, Eleanor Susanna Türk, Tõru Kannimäe, Lisete Viikmäe

Little Gang
La Petite Bande

R: Pierre Salvadori
France 2022

Jury's comment: "This film stands out for its masterful acting, inventive story structure, beautiful locations and humor!"

Children's Jury Special Award:

Child Machine

R: Rain Rannu
Estonia 2022

#youngfilmmaker Best Film Award

Jury: Piia Parktal, Sander Lebreht, Erik Norkroos, Roomet Poom

Everlasting Single Man

D: Aaron Thor Härm, Mattias Nurga
Estonia 2022

Jury's comment: "The winning film was surprising, distinctive, well-made and understandable."

Just Film Award for Just Film Works in Progress

(includes a 1000 euro monetary prize to help the film gain visibility by covering promotion and publicity costs):

Raw Material
Director: Martin Boross
Producer: Gábor Osváth
Production company: Filmfabriq Country: Hungary

Jury statement: “Representation of young people who stand up for themselves, but not losing its playfulness. Convincing and believable acting, interesting dialogue. Not a black-and-white story about corruption. Promising, want to see the film”.

The jury of Just Film Works in Progress includes Nicola Jones, head of the German Children’s Media Foundation, Margreet Cornelius, senior project leader at the Network Film Education and Jaak Kilmi, film director (Sleeping Beast (2022), Christmas in the Jungle (2020), Juminda: On the Burning Sea (2023).