The Winners of Just Film 2023

Just Film 2023 has announced its winners!

Just Film 2023 winning films:

Just Film Grand Prix for the Best Youth Film

Jury: Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen, Damien Hauser, Doris Tislar

Just Film awards the Grand Prix winner a prize of 3000 €.


D: Yana Titova
Bulgaria 2023

Jury's comment: "It was not an easy choice. All in all this year the international youth film competition was honoured with wonderful actors throughout the films. The Grand Prix for Just Film international programme goes to a film that is captivating, heartbreaking but also talks about the importance of our social responsibilities towards upbringing. A film that combined a great scenario, wonderful directing and actors, who played with all their hearts - "Dyad"."

Special mention from the International jury:


D: Koen Mortier
Belgium, The Netherlands 2023

Jury's comment: "Special Mention goes to "Skunk" for its director's marvellous skill in orchestrating authentic moments with cinematic images and unforgettable haunting scenes."

ECFA Award for the Best European Children's Film

Jury: Markéta Pášmová, Gert Hermans, Josep Arbiol

"Nina and the Hedgehog’s Secret"
Nina et le secret du hérisson

D: Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli
France 2023

Jury's comment: “ECFA (European Children’s Film Association) is an international association for professionals in the children & youth film industry. Several festivals in this network host ECFA Juries and all these juries add one title to a shortlist of nominated films, from which the “Best European Children’s Film of the Year” will be chosen during the Berlinale festival.

The ECFA Jury in Just Film, Tallinn, wants to give the award to a pure and honest film that combines a graceful style of animation with a story about a natural and loyal friendship between two kids. Playful inventive elements lend the animation a refreshing tone, while the story is set against a backdrop of social injustice. That is why the ECFA Jury decided to give the award to "Nina and the Hedgehog’s Secret" by Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli."

#youngfilmmaker Best Film Award

Jury: Antero Noor, Kullar Viimne, Piia Parktal

"Third Tree from the Left"
Kolmas puu vasakult

D: Kaur Kulver
Estonia 2023

Jury's comment: "The winning film is comprehensive, well-polished and has an interesting storyline. This film engaged us with its nuanced performances, intricate montage and tense soundwork. We also want to point out the great camerawork and breathtaking colours."

Special mention from the #youngfilmmaker Jury:

"The Green Bangers"
Rohelised paugutajad

Jury's comment: ""The Green Bangers" was so entertaining and explosive, leaving the jury utterly surprised by the turn of the events of this masterpiece."

D: Jaagup Koov, Joosep Koov
Estonia 2023

Just Film's Youth Jury Award for the Best Film

Jury: Arabella Altrof, Maria Eliisa Jakobson, Daniela Tuusis


D: Koen Mortier
Belgium, The Netherlands 2023

Jury's comment: "We were completely shaken by this intense story and it will stay with us for a long time. It brings to light the physical and mental abuse of so many children that sadly often stays hidden from us. Thank you for creating this authentic and disturbing film."

Special mention from the Youth Jury:

"Light Light Light"
Valoa Valoa Valoa

D: Inari Niemi
Finland 2023

Jury's comment: "The film’s bittersweet visual language, vibrant soundtrack and depiction of grief had a truly therapeutic effect on us. "

Just Film's Children's Jury Award for the Best Film

Jury: Isabel Kruut, Kristjan Uru Reinman, Lota Metusala

"Totally Boss"
Tähtsad ninad

D: Ingomar Vihmar
Estonia 2023

Jury's comment: " The children enjoyed the age-appropriate humour, the thrilling storyline and engaging soundtrack. They appreciated how a topic so serious as money laundering was told through a comic lens."

Special mention from the Children's Jury:

"Weekend Rebels"

D: Marc Rothemund
Germany 2023

Jury's comment: "“Weekend Rebels” delicately handled the topic of children with special needs in a way that was engaging and relatable."

Just Film's Junior's Jury Award for the Best Film

Jury: Ralf Samuel Arulepp, Adele Ashilevi, Kristjan Varts


D: Tom van Gestel
Belgium 2023

Jury's comment: "This film was exciting, adventurous and funny. The protagonist Bim was brave and never gave up on his mission."

Just Film's Class Jury Special Award

Jury: Tallinna Arte Gümnaasium, Year 7

"The Fantastic Three"
Les Trois Fantastiques

D: Michaël Dichter
France 2023

Jury's comment: "We chose this film based on the fantastic storytelling and great choice of actors. This film touched us with its genuine portrayal of friendship and chemistry created between the protagonists."