Just Film 2020


Just Film’s International Youth Competition brings along new and fascinating films from all over the world. This year’s programme consists of 12 films and is very broad in topics but also geographically. Just Film’s Grand Prix will be handed out by the members of the International Jury and the Youth Jury.


Just Film’s Children’s Programme is composed for the youngest film viewers, their parents and grandparents. From this programme everyone can find happy fairy tales, fun adventures and unexpected events. For the little ones, many films have been dubbed into Estonian.


Just Film’s Children’s Rights Programme consists of films that address children’s and young people’s lives. All the films talk about children and young people who are still discovering the world and themselves. Often they are faced with difficult decisions in life. Some are lucky enough to get help from their parents but others have to stand alone. The young are happy and proud about their achievements but also feel sadness when they fail. Children’s Rights Programme is put together by the Office of the Chancellor of Justice, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Affairs, Social Insurance Board and Estonian Union for Child Welfare. Children’s Rights Programme will run at Just Film Festival for 10th year.


During past 20 years Just Film has shown more than 1000 very good films and on our birthday we would love it if we could show them all. Unfortunately, this is not quite possible, so instead we have selected one children’s and one youth film to remember and celebrate our journey here!


Youth Programme is an overview of this year’s prime youth films that have received a lot of attention all over the world already.



This year, for the 5th time Just Film and Estonian Research Council have put together the Science360 programme that brings the best science film to the audience. The purpose of the programme Science360 is to discover the world and learn how chemistry, physics and mathematics translate into everyday life and understand how our world really works. This year’s programme is greatly dedicated to environment and nature conservation. Science helps us in knowing how to improve life and its quality. There is always more to discover!


With the ECFA Award, ECFA both gives special attention to quality films for a young audience and shines a spotlight on European children’s films. A number of European children & youth film festivals, all members of ECFA, are selected annually to host an ECFA jury and vote for the ECFA Award for their particular festival. Each festival adds their winning film to a shortlist of nominated films, competing for the overall award. The final vote is open to all ECFA members, choosing the ‘Best European Children’s Film of the Year’. The award is handed out during the International Filmfestival Berlin – Berlinale. The ECFA Award was launched in 2011. There is no money prize connected to the ECFA Award. However, it is the only European children’s film award given out by professionals so the value and prestige of this award can’t be underestimated.