Just Film Wolfie changes his coat

"Auuuuuu - Do you still recognize me, old friend?"

Who is this brave wolfie that sneakily peeks through the carnations? Some mystical being, who has so proudly stepped out from the peaceful depths of the forest greenery to the towering stage in the wind of the city streets?

Just Film and Wolfie once again climb out of darkness into the limelight for the month of November. This time, however, the spotlight is green, representing the colour of youth. When moving along with the rhythms of nature and the arrival of autumn, the lush greenness of summer inevitably disappears and is replaced by a quieter, more settled time. At times when the urban environment around us still seeks balance with nature, strength must be drawn from other sources.

To the delight of all movie enthusiasts, Just Film and Wolfie are bringing the freshest and a diverse film programme to the cinemas. In the soft glow of the projector the never-before-seen images of other worlds, lives and people are born. When the black nights come, the cozy movie theater becomes a real oasis for movie lovers, a refuge where they can escape from the cold and let their spirits run wild. Just Film's Wolfie represents the mysterious power and sense of togetherness that we feel in these shared moments. In the moments, when cinematography truly touches us.

In Estonian they still sometimes say that a wolf has a wolf's appetite. Another saying goes that the appetite only increases while eating. So - will you join us and our pack of movie wolves again this year to satisfy your hunger?